Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Fruits on Trees and on TV

As I said I went for a walk at Conyer what I forgot to mention was the abundance of wild fruits there were Rose hip, Blackberries, hawthorn berries, Elderberry, Damson never seen such a wealth of fruit the birds were loving it.

Anyway talking about fruits last week I came downstairs at the end of Mr & Mrs was I glad I missed it especially as it had that Homosexual from Coronation street on with his boy friend. Now how on earth can they be a Mr & Mrs? I thought those titles were for a married couple and as sodomites can not marry how can they be on the show? There was another programme that has 4 brides and they compete to have the best wedding and yes you guessed another Homosexual couple. Is this some sort of plan by the Pink Mafia who infest TV to prepare us for same sex marriage? Well I for one still believe in marriage between man and women, no amount of brain washing will convince me that same sex couple or trios (Bi Sexual) is right. Those with a sexual deviance have their Civil Ceremony. Oh and by the way Valerie is my wife not my partner a partner is some one you are in business with. I am glad we are Husband and Wife there is something solid about that title

In the Sun Today ( No I do not buy it I read Doug's) some Sportsman wrote an article now the Olympics are finished we need to look for new Hero's. What a load of cobblers the Olympians and paralympians are exceptional Sports people but the are not HERO's. A Hero is someone who puts their life on the line for others, did you notice during he Olympics and Paralympics hardly any mention was made of Afghanistan.

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