Thursday, July 25, 2013

Cameron the Moral Delinquent Must Go

I want to export gay marriage around the world, says Cameron as he speaks of personal pride at party to celebrate new legislation
    PM spoke at gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender bash in Downing Street
    He boasted Britain is now 'best place to be gay anywhere in Europe'
    Gay marriage bill passed despite fierce opposition from some Tories

There has got to be something wrong with this man? Why does he pander to 1.5% of the population with abnormal sexual habits? HOW CAN A BISEXUAL MARRY? Is Cameron going to change the Marriage Laws for that? I have supported our local MP Gordon Henderson because he is good local person with knowledge of Local Issues who still believes in Conservative values. Yet it is increasingly difficult for me to vote Conservative while this man David Cameron heads the Party, he is leading us into a Moral Abyss, he panders to this very small minority and why? is there something about his own sexuality he is not telling us? Just read the comments in the article to let you know how I feel


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