Thursday, July 18, 2013

Faversham Swimming Pool-Tattoo-Hop Festival

Wednesday was hot so had a trip to the Faversham Open Air Swimming Pool for a dip. The Pool is quite an attraction for local people and is very pleasant maybe a little bit tired. I was quite surprised to see the majority were not sporting those horrible Tattoos. This fashion has really got out of hand I have 43 year old daughter who has tattoos running up her neck and now my idiot of a son a 39 year old is to have a Crocodile tattooed across his chest what a plonker. 

I have also seen countless people with the whole of their face tattooed and they look terrible, lets wait 20 years and see what they look like. Mind you the guy who has taken over SSC and Westland’s School has told his staff all tattoos must be covered and not visible well done. The only thing brought the visit to the Swimming Pool down was the bad language, why is that people continually swear and do not consider the feeling of others

After ward we had a lovely cup of coffee opposite the old Court House, Faversham is a really lovely old market town and well worth the visit. I am told the annual Hop Festival is early this year August 31st and September 1st this is an event not to be missed

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