Monday, July 01, 2013

Daniel Kawcznski MP is a disgrace to the Conservative Party-Give the MP's a raise

I am disgusted by Daniel Kawcznski

How can anyone claim that being Bisexual is normal? This MP is absolute disgrace and so is his constituent Party. This country used to be a Christian Country with all the morals and ethics that went with it. David Cameron and his rich friends are obsessed with promoting abnormal Sexual Acts they disgust me. I have listed some of the comments

With regard to MP’s salary you maybe surprised to hear I think they should get the rise but only for Back Benchers. If we give them a realistic wage for the Job there is less chance of them having to take on other work and may encourage a better quality of MP plus would you take on a Job that only guarantees you employment for one Parliamentary term? You give up a well-paid job and in just a few years be voted out and be on the dole. It is all right for Clegg, Cameron and Milliband pontificating about how they would not take the rise, they are Millionaires in fact they should do the work for nothing as when they finish in politics, the rewards form businesses etc. will be phenomenal

Tory makes history as the first MP to come out as bisexual and gets standing ovation from activists after telling them about his male partner
    Daniel Kawczynski is the first MP to ever make it known that he is bisexual
    Local Tory chairman Robert Osborne said: ‘It was a very brave thing to do'

Is it too late for anyone to get a round of applause for being the first to declare they are heterosexual.

A standing ovation!!!!! Honestly. We really have lost all semblance of values if this is what passes as worthy of public acknowledgement. How does this stand with the apparent Tory outrage with gay marriage.?

In reading this article, I noticed that words like brave,feared, hostile,relieved, are used? It seems that he was afraid of being a ''Gay''? I wonder why? He says even he does not know what he is? So he really believes that the stigma of being Gay is still around? And this from a man who might be a Minister one day? - Ronnie Stevens, Peterborough, United Kingdom, 30/6/2013 1:15 =============================================== Let's put it this way: he cannot decide his own sexuality but has been chosen as an MP to make important decisions that could affect all of us..

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