Friday, July 26, 2013

Idiot Cameron Democracy you must be joking

The Country is struggling to get us out of the Financial Mess labour left us in. So what does our Prime Minister Do pay a lot of civil servants to  travel the World extolling Gay Marriage. This idiot Prime Minister has to go

Cameron's on a mission to export gay marriage around the world. We might as well refer to him as 'Call Me Daffyd, the only gay in the global village'

The UK is a Democratic Country they tell us yet we have a situation where a Party with just 23% of the Vote is in Government. I refer to the LibDems and will be most probably be in power again after the next election. Time to change our election system:
1) Make it a legal requirement to vote
2) Only those with over 50% be elected. If not second election with the top two
3) On major issue MP's have to consult their constituency with a binding referendum
4) These ideas may be expensive but at least there will be people power as opposed to an elected dictatorship 
Most Lib Dems want to ditch Tories for a Labour coalition after the next Election
  • More than half of Lib Dems favour post-2015 deal with Ed Miliband
  • Leader Nick Clegg is under pressure to move party to the Left
  • Some 72 per cent expect another hung Parliament at next election

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