Sunday, July 28, 2013

Herne Bay-Graveney-Judo

These last couple of days have been quite busy. John was away in France for a few days so the wife and myself had his boys for the night that was Friday as Lewis was competing in Folkestone on the Saturday. They came round at 4pm Friday so I decided to take them for run down to Herne Bay for something to eat and a walk along the promenade. I knew the Pier Pavilion, the place where we had countless Judo and Sombo Competitions, had been demolished but the Pier does look really empty.  I wonder what they will do with it now? I like Herne Bay it is very much the quintessential seaside town, the Band Stand is a particular favourite spot of mine.

Harry or as we call him Nobby

On the way I annoyed them by stopping to photograph some Churches. Lewis is at present the only one of my 5 grandchildren doing Judo but hopefully 4-year-old George will take to the sport in a few months time when he is 5,he has definitely got the fighting Clarke instinct. Lewis gets very nervous before a competition as I used to before any major event I was like a bear with a sore head 3 days before the event but it is something he has got to control like I had to.

Naughty but Nice

The competition organised as a Spitfire Grappling Academy Fun Day was meant to be outside with other attractions like Tug Of War, Bouncy Castles, burger Bar etc. but the weather got the better of the event and us was staged in Capel Le Ferne Village Hall. Still a nice friendly event, Lewis had a good days competing only losing to his bogyman Jack. This time it was a closer match with the fight going to extra time and in extra time Lewis well in the lead but was caught with a throw with just 2 seconds to go. This should have not happened and showed he needs a lot more competitions to get experience but never the less a reasonable performance.



Saturday evening saw us at the Taste of Portugal for an excellent meal and to much Red Wine, we was only going to have a meal and go but John and Stuart Williams turned up so it would have been rude not to have accepted a drink or two. TOP is becoming very popular even our Illustrious Swale Borough Council Leader Cllr Andrew Bowles has been there pity I missed him he could have brought me a meal as well.

Graveny & Goodnestone Church

All Saints Graveney  

Goodnestone-next-Graveney comes from the Old English ‘tun’ meaning an ‘enclosure, a farmstead’ combined with a personal name; therefore, ‘Godwines farm/settlement’.

The now redundant Goodnestone parish church is a Grade: I listed building, dedicated to Saint Bartholomew. The Normans built it around 1100. The Victorians added a porch in 1837 and carried out minor restorations in 1876. The church ceased to be used for regular services in 1982 and in 1996 came under the protection of the Churches Conservation Trust, who carried out extensive repairs the following year. It remains consecrated and is a well-preserved example of a Norman church.

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