Thursday, July 18, 2013

Lesbians and James Max

Lesbian parents refused discounted 'family' tickets at theme park

This was the headline but as you read through the reports theses two women with abnormal sexual desires are living together with each of them having a child from a normal relationship. Yet they have are in no way a family they are not in a Civil Partnership and both are responsible for the break up of a normal relationship. So why should they be treated as a family? But of course they are Lesbians so they have to extra rights and now they intend suing the theme park. Yet the reason these two were refused admission was because of foul language but that is OK because they are Lesbians. I hope the kids fathers do there utmost to take care of the kids and take them away from theses disgusting abnormal women

Single Sex Marriage is here but can I find out the legal position on this subject NO.

Listening to LBC last night and they had a debate on the James Max Show about this subject. Debate may be the wrong word as this was more of a diatribe by the Pro Same Sex Marriage interviewer James Max. Anyone who had different views to him and his Gay Friends were ridiculed, the show was swamped by people with his views, so much for free speech and debate. Would be interested in knowing what James Max politics is? Hopefully Ian Dale will return to the spot and bring back impartiality to the programme

James Max

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