Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Labour are responsable for the Welfare Explosion/Unions Take over Labour

I listened to the broadcast down below and it was as it reads. The Labour Party supported by their partners in crime the BBC can not see why ordinary working people complain that those on benefit are better of. The cap of £26000 is £500 per week still to much. The short term unemployed should get maximum help but the long term should have benefits cut in terms of Cash in the pocket, they should be given food stamps and investigated on a regular basis to see how they are spending their money. If the tax payer is funding these parasites then we should be able to check where our money goes. On TV last night a single women with 2 kids (Where is the Father?) complains after housing benefit she get £800 per month, after dropping the kids of at School she spends all day on the Computer. That’s about £185 per week to feed her and her kids, even if she spends £50 per week on utilities that still leaves her with £135 per week on food. She may not be rich but she is certainly not living in poverty.

After saying all that the government have to get rid of a lot of the foreign workers who are responsible for the minimum wage becoming the average wage, which is £6.31p. An English man working on the minimum wage for a 40-hour week that’s just £252.40 per week, that’s £1312.48p per annum. Compare that with the cap of £26000 can you blame someone for not working. I continual hear from Employers that the English are to lazy to work NO what the English object to be working for a pittance so large companies especially Supermarkets can make massive amount of profits employing cheap foreign Labour. So how does this foreign Labour survive, simply by living many to a house or flat and sharing costs? Is this what will eventually happen with the English several families living in one house? A lot of this is down to EU regulations and laws brought in by the last Labour government, where firms no longer employ people they just use agencies. Some of the agencies employing foreign labour have been linked to criminal gangs others will not employ English people.

Most of this can be blamed on the last Labour Government, the government who lied about a war killing thousands of people, a government that that lied about immigration, a government that gave away countless rights to the EU, a government that put us on the verge of bankruptcy, a government that put Political Correctness before common sense, a government who by claiming benefits not to work became an industry.

I am not a great lover of Cameron but his government has got it right on the Welfare Benefit issue and Economy. IDS is a man of conviction and God help us if Labour ever came into power especially with Boy Milliband and the Unions back in control running the government a new era of Communism. 

“The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people's money.”

The European Election will see if people agree with Labour. EU Election the elections where you vote on somebody having little or no power but is able to make an enormous amount of money for doing nothing all at the expense of the Tax Payer

IDS vs BBC: Work and Pensions Secretary blasts Corporation for 'politically-motivated' criticism of his benefits shake-up
    Iain Duncan Smith clashes with Today presenter John Humphrys
    Claims BBC uses 'little cases' to claim entire welfare programme is wrong
    From today benefits will be capped at £26,000-a-year
    David Cameron blunders on Twitter with IDS spoof account

No benefit for your third child if you're on the dole: Tories unveil controversial welfare plan
    Child benefits for unemployed 'should be capped at two children'
    Tory chairman Grant Shapps made controversial statement Monday
    Shapps argue it puts working and unemployed families in same position
    He also proposed under-25's to be denied housing benefits
The minister argued that they can stay with their parents

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