Thursday, July 18, 2013

Breast Feeding

There was an item on the Radio this morning talking about Women Breast Feeding, as per usual there was some women complaining there was not enough government money put into breast feeding. I expect this women was employed by this breast feeding organisation so one wonder was she worried about her job? She complained that there was not enough people teaching the women in how to breast feed obviously they were paid. Can I ask what women done for thousands of years before these professional breasts feed teachers were on the scene?

So we have the annual Glastonbury Festival yet again and Radio 4 spent most of their morning News programme on the subject. I have never been to this event and have never wanted to do. The idea of sleeping in a tent, queuing for dirty toilets, no showers, standing with thousands of people listening to poor quality music (never as good as a recording), people urinating in bottles then throwing the contents over everyone and when it rains the whole area become like a WW1 battle area, some how doesn’t appeal to me. You can tell this is very much a middle class event when the reporters from Radio 4 say “I was here when I was at University” or “This was a great start to my Gap year” then go on to talk about designer Wellies and an area which is called the “Left Field” which all champagne socialist talk about left wing politics. As a Stones fan I love there music but that is all, have no interest in their life or politics. So what is so important about about a group of pensioners playing at what is basically a festival doesn’t say much about modern music

So Nelson Mandela is on his last leg this ex terrorist may have been good as trying to create harmony but has he and the ANC achieved much since they took over from the White Government? The shanty Towns are still there, It is the murder capital of the world, it is still a one party state but now a black one, corruption is worse then it has ever been, the poor black are even poorer and the rich black are even richer, the white population the people who built the country and gave its wealth have been driven out of the country, see article. Mind you prison must have been good for Nelson as I doubt if any of those who live in the Townships have reached their 90’s

Mandela's passing and the looming threat of a race war against South Africa's whites. As a widow mourns the latest murdered Afrikaner farmer, a chilling dispatch from a nation holding its breath

  • Roelof du Plessis, 46 shot on his farm outside Pretoria by gang of black intruders
  • Fears rise that killings are part of a systematic bid to drive white people out of South Africa
  • President Jacob Zuma known to sing 'struggle song' about killing white Afrikaners

Slaughtered: Roelof du Plessis, 46, was shot dead in front of his wife Laura, 44 and son on their farm

The horror started just before midnight on Wednesday this week.

After listening to the latest television news about the health of Nelson Mandela, a South African family living not far from the former President’s hospital unit turned in for the night.

But Roelof and Laura du Plessis, a married couple with four children who live on a heavily fortified farm outside Pretoria, did not have a peaceful night’s rest.

In fact they were about to become the latest victims of what white pressure groups in this troubled nation say is nothing less than a savage war against them.

Hearing noises outside their home, Mr du Plessis, 46, got out of bed and ran outside.


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