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Twitter-Jane Austin-Immigrants-Boris

Twitter has once more come to the fore about its abusive use. I have yet to understand why people want to be in contact with each 24 – 7? What can you say? I tried it when it first came out thought like Facebook would be an extension to my email but No I was getting nothing but rubbish, do I really want to know where you are and what you are eating NO because I have a life. Unlike a Blog where you have to actively open the page these just pop up. No I use Facebook as an advertising tool which I find very useful as for twitter I will leave that to the numpties
 One of those being targeted by Twitter was the woman who led a campaign to get women on a banknote, the feminist Caroline Criado Perez, which she succeeded in doing. Why did they pick Jane Austin surely there are women that have done more for GB then write some books and in my opinion not particularly good ones. Even with Bank notes and feminists the Celebrity Culture outstrips the real hero’s of this country
Mary Bear was the other woman in the Twitter attack; she is a historian some of you may have watched thee programme last night on the Roman Emperor Caligula, which I found very disappointing. She is the women who said that Immigration had no effect on the Town of Boston Lincolnshire, I expect the Bulgarian and Romanian invasion due in January will also have no affect?

One of the rules of migrants from the EU is that they have to be self-supporting within 3 months on reaching this country. The Roma gypsies have now been operating a system where a couple of days before the 3 month time limit they go to France for a day then come back and the 3 months start all over again. When will this Government start to get rid of these immigrants legal and illegal? The only way forward is to leave the EU

More than 80,000 Bulgarians set sights on Britain: Poll finds 20% of those who are considering leaving the country want to come to the UK
Britain and Germany are favoured destinations, according to a poll
Tens of thousands of Romanians and Bulgarians 'poised to migrate'
Restrictions curbing citizens' jobs rights here must be lifted in 2014
Plausible projections suggest as many as 50,000 a year may come

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2381097/Poll-finds-20-Bulgarians-considering-leaving-want-come-UK.html#ixzz2aVrwvdpb 
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I am not a great lover of Boris Johnson like Cameron I find him a rich, Eton educated, toff who was spoilt as a boy who has no idea what ordinary people live like all feel. Admittedly far better then Ken Livingston but then that was not difficult. So I thought you would like the article written by mate John Elmer

Dear Sir,

I read the article by the Boris Johnsons’ so called aviation adviser in the publication City A.M. edition of 29 July.

The continued process whereby Heathrow has been previously promoted as the leading airport for London is ideally suited for business along with transport links appear to be have been conveniently forgotten by all parties who actively promoted this in previous years, by that I mean Governments, London politicians, business leaders, commentators and consultants.

However, now that the most viable and cheapest option is to expand Heathrow, revise/improve its transport links to existing infrastructure and where necessary add to current infrastructure is now being labelled as not acceptable by the same people who have bought and paid ludicrous amounts of money for property compared to normal UK property prices within an area surrounding one of worlds’ busiest airports and its approaches, combined with obviously no thoughts that this airport will ever expand. Whilst the politicians of all parties and their party members who currently live in the proposed enlarged expansion area are quite happy to promote spending  large amounts of public money or providing government backed private finance into blighting other areas and lives of people not affected by Heathrow expansion.

It is patently obvious that the most pro new airport commentators or their friends will be affected Heathrow expansion or have vested interest in promoting new airport East of London, if anyone who lives in the area which will be effected by the Boris ‘Bluster’ Johnson airport project or an airport East of London is labelled as a Nimby, by those affected by the Heathrow expansion lobby or frightened of losing their lucrative consultancy status.

The latest propaganda by B Johnson airport faction to be reported in the media, is that it will only effect 36,000 people which is a blatant misrepresentation of reality for those who will be affected by the noise and pollution of an airport with four runways East of London, previously the number quoted was 306, 000 but even this is figure is equally false.

Also the people who are currently employed at Heathrow will not be able to transfer to the new airport or are they expected to travel on an already the crowded road and rail infrastructure across London or are they just expected to move house and families from a current established local area with amenities, another piece of social engineering by London politicians, government and so called expert consultants.

Those who do not reside within London boroughs or vote for Mayor of London see this airport promotion East of London as complete arrogance by London authorities and associated vested interests along with a breakdown of elected government and continued unwarranted London expansion/ interference in to other geographical areas and peoples lives. 


John Elmer

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