Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Spoilt Brat and Bobbing Church

How about this for a hissing fit from a Young Wife needless to say the guy divorced this spoilt brat of a women

Below is Bobbing Church Nr Sittingbourne my brother Norman has a bungalow opposite the church the photo was taken from his front window

The likely start of Bobbing church is that it came out of the Minster church in Milton. Early evidence for Bobbing church comes from a record of a tithe being paid to the prioress of Minster Priory in Sheppey in 1186. The Savage family would have had a chapel of some form in the 1100s.
We believe the oldest part of the church (the north aisle and where the organ stands) was built probably between 1234 -1250.
The main part of the church was added in the 14th century. The tower is shown with a tall steeple in a painting of Bobbing in 1807, but it is unclear when this was removed.

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