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Same Sex Marriage NO GAY MARRIAGE

 Same Sex Marriage you must be joking 
I have been trying to find out who cannot marry with this new disgusting same sex marriage bill I am now told with regard to relatives there is still a ban on marriage Below is a link to the new legislation, which is long winded  . According to all those MP’s and the tiny minority of Homosexuals and Lesbians Same sex Marriage had to be introduced to bring equality, plus some of the weird religions like the Quakers, some Jewish groups etc. maintain it is all about loving each other. Well that being the case why cannot Brother marry Brother or Mother marry Daughter etc. The reason close relatives weren’t allowed to marry in the past was incest which is illegal and because of abnormality of a possible child born in such a relationship. Now we have same sex marriage that can’t happen, so this section of the community are being discriminated against.
I contact a lawyer friend of mine in the USA because I heard on a radio programme that the majority of people in the USA were in favour of Gay marriage, here was his reply:
Dear Martin,

I had a spare moment and thought I would answer you e-mail below about whether the majority of Americans favor gay marriage.

I have seen various polls that say yes and others that say no.  Personally, my experience is that you can find a poll that agrees with any position you want.  The first question is to ask who conducted the poll and the polling sample.  The next question is when was the poll taken and where, as opinions vary by location (especially urban vs. rural) and change with time.

My own impression is that there is a hard core group on either side of the issue and a larger, more ambivalent group in the middle whose response depends upon how the question is asked.  Among lawyer friends I sense a significant number would have no objection to the idea of some form of legal protection for stable, same sex couples who have made contractual type promises to one another and entwined their financial and personal lives already and represent a stable, otherwise law-abiding element in the community.  Whether or not this should be a separate form of contract based civil union or be included in the concept of marriage is where the arguments begin.

Some argue that under our traditions, individuals should be left alone and the government should not even be involved one way or another, particularly if--according to some--this is a genetic defect, in which case is should be handled the same way we deal with disable people.  Gays should have all the rights afforded to anyone.  Whether or not marriage is a right and whether a civil union adequately protects their interests then becomes central to the discussion.  The underlying premise to this line of thinking appears to be that gays are minding their own business and should be left alone if not affecting others.  When they become politically aggressive, this might be called into question, particularly when some of the more radical groups also advocate legalizing polygamous marriages or elimination of any age protections.
Couple of really interesting points I have highlighted in red especially the one about Polls. Ask yourself the question did anyone ask you if you wanted Gay Marriage?
I believe this is so called same sex marriage is wrong morally and wrong in its name if they do not include family members getting married. It is basically a sup to the very highly organised and influential Gay lobby sometimes called the Pink Mafia, the question we all need to ask why does just 1.5% of the population have so much power over Politicians and why was it that no Political Party included same sex marriage in their manifesto? Could it be the percentage of MP's who are Gay is higher then the 1.5%? Could it be they have a vested interest in having Gay Marriage especially as they have never consulted their constituants?
Same Sex Marriage has become law, which we all have to accept, but there are many people like me who will never accept Same Sex Marriage as legitimate. I wait to see the outcome of yet another step by Cameron/Clegg who seem to want all religion eventually banned and so continue to promote the moral decay in the UK. Some day a real Conservative Party will return to the UK but already the time has come when we can no longer call Britain a Christian Country the rush to debauched Secularism with government approval has become unstoppable
Once again the Private School educated Millionaire Political class has shown they have no understanding of the ordinary man
Anything must be better then Labour running the country but only just

The bill is available to read in full on the link below in a PDF document.

Relatives who may not marry
The following people cannot marry, in any circumstances, because of their blood relationship.
Men cannot marry:-
Women cannot marry:-
mother's sister
father's brother
mother's half sister
father's half brother
father's sister
mother's brother
father's half-sister
mother's half-brother
adoptive mother - see below
adoptive father - see below
adoptive daughter - see below
adopted son - see below
sister's daughter
sister's son
half-sister's daughter
half-sister's son
brother's daughter
brother's son
half-brother's daughter
half-brother's son
Adopted children and their genetic parents and genetic grandparents may not marry. If they do, the marriage will be automatically void (see under heading Marriages which are not valid) even if they do not know they are related. Adopted children may not marry their adoptive parents but they are allowed to marry the rest of their adoptive family, including their adoptive brother or sister.
People who are step relations or in-laws may marry only in certain circumstances.

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