Monday, July 22, 2013

Bar B Q at 118 July 13

On Sunday with the weather so nice decided to have a Bar B Q with a few friends
 So invited some old friends of mine and friends from the Taste of Portugal

Trevor using his peace sign from when he was a hippy in Angola 

The good lady wife done a good job of organising the food and I done an even better job of cooking it. I think Carlos was impressed but I refused to help him in the Taste of Portugal stating that mine is a very unique form cooking but would be quite prepared to give some recipes on such dish as Dead Rabbit stew, peppered Strawberry and Rosemary flavoured Chicken only available when she is there to cook it. Will be back at T.O.P's next week for a meal expect he will ask for a few tips

Like most Bar B Q's the drinks flowed but what most pleasing was that we drunk two very large bottles of my home made Damson/Elderberry Wine. Well I say we it was mostly Kim, she told us she very rarely drinks and I believed her and they walked home Well DONE
 Trevor Kendall 

My old mate Keith Whyman is going in to Hospital on Wednesday for a double bye pass best of luck Keith expect we all say a prayer for you. What a mate they wanted him on the Sunday and he said No! I have arranged to be at Bar B Q at Clarkees thats loyalty but I had a couple of jump leads at the ready just in case.

John and Carlos get into Martin's jacket

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