Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Politicians more interest in Image then Substance

A glorious victory. But to give Andy a knighthood at 26 would be politics at its most cynical 


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I for one am fed up with Politicians jumping on the sporting bandwagon first it was every politician had a football team to support because it would resonate with the ordinary man in the street, now we have the rich mans sport Tennis which not only do they support but want to have front line seats. I want Politicians to manage the Country nothing more nothing less. They are all more interested in their image rather then their job.

As for Tennis to advance in this game you have to have money, when did you see a kid from a Council estate or working class family ever make it to anywhere near the top, even the Anti English Scotsman Andy Murray now claiming to be British came from money. He was interviewed and he said he told his parents when he was 15 that the there was no opposition for him in the UK so he had to train Spain. How many of you can afford to send your 15 year old of to Spain to train for years? You have to accept that in Sport money talks especially with certain sports. Look at Tennis, Golf, Polo, Show Jumping to reach the top you need a rich backer or rich parents even with the Olympics athletes are becoming Millionaires and are being financed by that ultra rich organisation the TAXPAYER.

As for the sudden “Road to Damascus revelation” by Murray that he is now British rather then a Scot? Is this the same man who said at the World Cup “I will support any team rather then England” of course he still dislikes the English but now he has clever PR advisors. The true concept of being British is the armed forces and the British Lions. British 4 countries of the British Isles working together to form one strong unit the UNITED Kingdom

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