Monday, July 15, 2013

I am not maoning love the good weather

We Brits are strange we moan about the cold and the Wet now we moan about the heat. Well I for one am not on Saturday went to the Leas Minster on the Isle of Sheppy about 15 miles from my home. What a brilliant afternoon met up with Susan and the two grand children Poppy and George. Nice clean-pebbled un-crowded beach even saw a seal swimming that was a first I have seen here but am told there is a colony of them at Harty Ferry. What also was nice there was no fun fair or amusement so can be cheap day out for the family, it is also nice to see the kids making their own entertainment. Mind you there is still the mindless idiot who will shout on the phone, you just cannot get way from these mobiles, if I go out for the evening I leave the thing at home. Then I get asked where is your mobile how do you manage? What if someone needs you? Needs me for what? The most annoying modern phrase is “I have to get that”. It seems the Council are trying to reintroduce Beach Huts a great idea but at rental of over a £1000 per year with no toilets near by not so sure.

Val on the Leas

The evening was spent in the Taste of Portugal, I have made the Portuguese’s honorary English so I can moan about the foreigners taking English jobs. Quite like the Portuguese seems a friendly bunch. Being a hot day and night I over indulged in Alcoholic drink and suffered the next day, Hang overs get worse the older I get.

Feeling sorry for myself on the Sunday decided me and “she who is to be obeyed” would go to Folkestone Harbour for some Sea Food. That was a mistake we could not park any where and the same was for Hythe and Dymchurch ending up in a pleasant little Bistro in Burmarsh, treated myself to a Salt Beef Open sandwich delicious and then the drive back. Mind you the Romney Marsh hold many good memories’ for me.

One final moan I made the mistake of driving from my house in East Street to my gym in Milton that’s about 1.5 miles, at 3.45 yes the dreaded school run. To get 1.5 miles and then return took me to 5pm, I even tried various so call called short cuts no for over an hour these women picking up their little darlings flooded the roads. Well lesson learnt.

What a time of year in Kent beautiful Asparagus, Strawberries and now Cherries and good weather not such a bad life

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