Saturday, July 20, 2013

Sleep Problems Australian Immigration

As I have mentioned before I have sleep Apnea, this is where you snore a lot, wake during the night and stop breathing during sleep. I have to wear a face mask connected to an air pump while I sleep. I had my annual check up and what a difference this has made I am no longer tired during the day do not sleep for a couple of hours in then afternoon and have bags more energy, it seems 25% of the population have this problem. I know longer stop breathing during sleep, no longer snore. On the machine they have an SD card, which keeps a record of the past year it, seems I sleep on average 7 hours a night, good sleep. 5 and below is the norm for people waking up in the night mine was 1.
What was pleasing I had a consultant that was not obsessed with weight especially as my average Heart Rate is 64 Blood Pressure 128/72. She was well pleased and so was I,coming out of the consultation room I shouted I am cured sadly no one else thought this was funny as I skipped out of the hospital
While I was there I was amazed at the amount of electric mobility bugger that were driving about mostly with extremely fat people and I mean really really fat people. They disgust me why do we have to pay for these people on the NHS they should have their mouths sewn up so they do not eat. One bloke was so fat his stomach rested on the handle bars/
Had something to eat at Macknades Faversham, my mother who was German would always refer to it as Macknarders, I expect it was the Kraut coming out. Any way I saw special of the day and I thought it said Carpaccio (thinly sliced meat)  instead it was Gazpacho a cold soup at first I thought how disgusting when it was served to me but it was beautiful, tasty and refreshing obviously Val did not like so I eat hers, she had to make do with bread

Prime Minister Cameron take note

Australia will deport all asylum-seekers who try to land by boat following a hard-line change to its immigration policy. Prime minister Kevin Rudd said they would be sent to Papua New Guinea under a regional resettlement deal.
It is hoped the move will deter people smugglers who exploit refugees by taking vast sums of money and putting them on leaky boats with false promises they will be able to make Australia their home. Mr Rudd said Australia would still continue to take ‘large numbers’ of genuine refugees.

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