Friday, July 26, 2013

Militant Islam-Trayvon Martin USA

The Horrific Muslim Infiltration Of Britain - Luton 2012

Now compare that with what the Christian Archbishop of Canterbury is trying to do

Justin Welby has vowed to help grow Britain's 500 financial co-operatives
He met with Wonga's boss and challenged him over 5,853% APR

Although I agree with him in principle that these companies charge to much Interest but we have to be careful that by legislating we do not put them out of business putting thousands on the dole and forcing people into the hands of illegal money lenders

I put a Blog out the other day about the Trayvon Martin case in the USA, it seems I put the wrong photograph with it sorry about that it seems it was some Rapper. Rapping is so called singing about abusing women, using bad language including racial terms, condoning violence so obviously has nothing to with the case? but I would suggest you take a look at the video below and get to the facts  and see how Obama with some celebrities have turned this into a race issue for their own advancement

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