Sunday, July 07, 2013

Whitstable Weekend

Water was Cold

Spent an enjoyable weekend in the Caravan at the Sea View park at Whitstable, surprising what is on your door step. Have to admit I was not looking forward to it as it was one of these parks that has a swimming pool, loads of kids entertainment and evening entertainment in the Club house. All which normally means unruly kids and drunken Londoners but on the whole that was not the case. The place was very clean, swimming pool run 1 hour sessions and only allowed so many people in at a time, the Club House was roomy with plenty of seating. The site backed on the Sea and was mainly permanent sited Vans. The Friday evening was the normal Bingo followed by Karaoke, the only problem with was that they allowed all the kids as young as 4 to sing, that was awful one would have thought at 10 pm they would be in bed. I could not put up with this so back to the caravan. The Saturday night had excellent entertainers a Tribute to the Blues Brothers, these were a joy to watch and very professional. Yet the event was spoilt by very young kids running around one even came in on scooter, the act was plagued with a child shining a torch in their face and hitting the artist. Did the parents do anything about it NO most were not in sight but one mother of the worst spoilt brat of about 5 years sat just a few feet away from this little brat and done nothing? This was the only criticism I had of the park, they should enforce a rule if there is to be children in the Club house till 11 pm they should be seated at tables with their parents.
The good news was Val won a £104 in open the box.
This weekend was a try out for the park and is very close by for visitors John came with his Boys on the Saturday followed by Alan and Jean Kontozi, Sunday saw Susan with her Kids. To make the whole family while walking round Whitstable harbour we met up with Donna and Connie.
Would I come again Yes and when my touring days are finished may think of buying a static at the Sea View, in fact an enjoyable weekend

John's Boys Harry and Lewis

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