Thursday, November 14, 2013

6 months for an appointment-Eastern Europeans a blight on the Town Centre

At the end of September my journey of getting a diagnoses on my damaged knee started, first you have go through the process of getting an appointment this can take up to 2 weeks, then it was an XRay this was done on October 20th, next await for the results to be sent to Doctor and then gain an appointment, then told to make an appointment with the Choose and Book Line. I chose the Memorial Sittingbourne only to be told they did not have any Consultants and they would phone me to let me know what happens, which as expected they did not. Instead I had a letter from Medway Maritime stated they needed 14 days to process my referrals. After 14 days, yesterday I enquired what was happening  and was told that my referral has been checked and I am allowed to see a Consultant. Next question when? the waiting list was up to 13 weeks. So from the first phone call I made about my knee to the Doctor and to when I get my first appointment with a Consultant  will be 30 weeks??? IS THAT WHAT WE EXPECT OF A MODERN DAY NHS A 6 MONTH WAIT?? how long will the wait be after the influx of even more unemployable Eastern Europeans?

While on the subject of Eastern Europeans I reported some weeks ago about the problem they are causing in the High Street, since then I have been inundated with complaints about the problem but as I have said I have control about this only I do is write. Maybe it is time the Police and Local Politicians looked into the problem before we start having racial problems in the Town

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