Tuesday, November 05, 2013

When will it ever end??????????????????????

The CBI is in favour of staying in the EU it says it is good for for GB

What they should have said it is good for them, they are the ones benefiting from cheap foreign labour which makes the average wage the minimum wage £2 a hour below the living wage. They are the ones who making massive profits for their shareholders at the cost of the British Public, they are ones who making hundreds of thousands of pounds in salary and bonus, they are the ones living in grandeurs houses not affected by crime and deprecation, they are the ones who manipulate their taxes and I could go on. Yet it cost everyone in the UK £300 a year to belong to the EU. SO HOW CAN BEING A MEMBER IS BENEFICIAL TO THE UK?
Did you know members of the Federation of Small Businesses have a majority in favour of leaving the EU, did you also know the majority of FSB businesses already pay the living wages as instead of the minimum wage. Now ask how many of those greedy blood sucking major and multi national companies do that?
Below is an article about immigration I have taken a section from it  
The article also states that immigrants claim 45% less in benefits then British people, 1) They should not be able to claim anything 2) They may contribute to the Tax system but the fact that they are putting British people out of work and on the dole is exasperating the situation

Professor Dustmann and his colleagues said: ‘Immigrants arriving since the early 2000s have made substantial net contributions to public finances, a reality that contrasts starkly with the view often maintained in public debate.’
However their report said recent immigrants are likely to be of working age and so make fewer demands on schools or the NHS.
But Sir Andrew Green of the MigrationWatch UK think tank said: ‘It is very interesting that this report finds that non-EU migrants since 1995 have made a negative contribution to the national budget, yet they have accounted for two thirds of foreign immigration over the past 15 years.
‘As regards EU migrants, much of the benefit stems from their relative youth but, like the rest of us, they will get older. No allowance has been made in these calculations for future pensions or for higher health costs in old age.’

The article where the Somalis are getting Flying Lesson at the expense of the Tax Payer beggars belief, yet more money for those disgusting blood sucking Human Rights Lawyers who are living high of the Hog.


How migrants from outside Europe leave a £100billion hole in the public purse: Amount taken in benefits and services is 14% higher than money put back
    Major study tracks cost and contributions of migrants over 16-year period
    It finds migrants from outside Europe cost a lot more than they give back
    But migrants from East and West Europe are a net benefit to Exchequer

Taxpayers' £10,000 bill to teach failed asylum seeker to fly: Ethiopian given lessons despite Government saying he must leave country next year
    Yonas Admasu Kebedemm will also get up to £10,000 in living expenses
    Court rules council must meet his education costs after leaving school
    Critics call decision 'blank cheque' which is 'deeply unfair' on taxpayers
    Council also funding his younger brother to start a degree in Manchester

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