Sunday, November 03, 2013

Politicians are leaving us in debt-Prison Riots-Afriyie for PM-Faggott

Below is a letter from a local Newspaper, read and see if you agree. Also Prisoners riot in Maidstone Jail when will these low life realise they are in prison as a punishment and it takes a man of mixed race who was not born with a Silver Spoon in his mouth, like most of those in the top echelons of the Political system, to talk sense and relate to the ordinary man in the street. The country needs more people like him rather then the upper class millionaires who run the country at the moment. I believe it was YOUTUBE that banned the word Faggot, it is also banned  in Canada, because the word Faggott appeared three time in the Dire Straits song Money for Nothing, they banned the song. A Faggott in the UK is a form of meatball, it is also a term of endearment for Homosexuals like Poof, Shirt Lifter, Turd Burglar, Iron Hoof but we are no longer can call our Homosexualls friends this as may upset people. In the case of the Canadian incident one person complained and the whole Canadian Government got involved. Can you wonder why people despise these Militant Homosexuals. I wonder if I lived in Canada I could sue people for calling me a "Massive over weight self opinionated right wing pig" I was was recently called this,  I objected strongly to the word Pig

Politicians are leaving us in debt
OFFICIAL figures state there are 600,000 immigrants dependent on social security and foreign health‘tourists’ are costing the NHS £2 billion a year. Figures which are set to rise in a country which already has a national debt of £1.2 trillion.Watching programs like Question Time, where not only the politicians,but also the audience decry anybody who dares speak against yet more
uncontrolled immigration, you have to have wonder why they care so little about the 1.9 million indigenous population without employment, and the people already here who can’t get health care, because the NHS is short of money.They also must care little about the 600,000 unemployed immigrants already here.
Our politicians and the EU must be suffering from a collective
madness if they imagine this country can continue its massive borrowing to fund the greed and stupidity of the rest of the world, while forces that wish us ill, pile on the emotional pressure.
Our gutless career politicians, are just storing up serious problems for the future. Even at five per cent interest, our national debt must cost £60 billion per annum, being £1,000 for each person in the UK, enough to fund most of what the Government tells us
they can’t afford…sheer madness.
Phil Granger, West Malling

Prison riots 'resolved' after foreign inmates took over wing at Maidstone jail and 70 inmates in Rugby refused to return to their cells
    'Planned attack on prison guards by inmates to take control of the wing'
    Thanet wing in Maidstone prison was smashed up by rioting prisoners
    Tornado Team specially trained in dealing with riots negotiated peace
    Outbreak came day after clampdown on prison perks was introduced
    Prison guards 'feared for their lives' after inmates became out of control
    Officers with riot shields and ambulances called in after disturbance
    Prisoners in G4S-run Rye Hill Category B prison began rioting
    Disturbance in Rugby prison, which involved up to 70 inmates, now quelled

Afriyie bites back: Is the tough-talking MP a Euro visionary - or just a 'barmy' fantasist? Read this compelling interview... and you be the judge
    Maverick backbencher set to force Commons vote on EU referendum
    He has been roundly denounced by Conservative colleagues for the move
    But, he says, 'I did this because my conscience demanded it'

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