Saturday, November 30, 2013

I have returned from Russia

I have just returned from the World Sambo Championships in St Petersburg Russia, it was a great tournament the best I have attended.
St Petersburg is famous for in Churches, Val and I visited the Blood Church as you can see below a beautiful ornate church. What interested me was the upsurge in religious belief and those attending church; a couple of weeks ago there were reports in the newspaper that the Church of England would be non-existent in 50 years. This does not come as any surprise to me as the C of E has always been a Church produced from the convenience of Henry VIII but lately it wants to follow modern fads rather then sticking to the words of Jesus and the New Testament. Yet in Russia they have had over 70 years of Communism a secular state where religion was banned and they realised what happens to a country with no religious beliefs.

Russia comes under a lot of criticism especially with regard to sex, the latest campaign by the Gay Mafia, led by the likes of stonewall, Stephen Friar etc. who want the Sochi Olympics banned because they say Gays are persecuted is RUBBISH. In one of the St Petersburg newspapers a lesbian Bar advertises Russia oldest Lesbian Bar and the Gay Scene is on the increase. What the Gay Mafia do not like is that Russian Law prohibits the teaching of abnormal sex to the under 18 and you are not allowed to promote abnormal sexual behaviour. Compare that with children as young as 6 and 7 in this country being taught that Homosexual and Lesbians act are normal when only 1.5% of the population classify themselves as Gay, Lesbian or Bisexual. In Russia you don’t see young girls pushing prams or having multiple children by multiple fathers and you do not have children as young as 12
getting contraceptives without their Parents knowledge

I also noticed a lot of the Bars closing at 10pm except for hotels and specially licensed clubs, I asked why and the answer was the authorities were concerned that young Russians may turn out like young Brits. If any of you have seen the TV programme  “Bouncers” you know what I mean. This  programme followers Bouncers in Pubs and Clubs showing how they deal with the drinking culture at these venues. You see men and women so drunk they fall asleep in the gutter, urinating, and vomiting in the street, they brag about how much drink they consume, they strip of the cameras men and women and of course they fight. You feel ashamed to be British. A Hungarian Bouncers said that no women in his country would behave in this way; it would shameful and bring disgrace on their families. So welcome to modern Secular Britain, welcome to a society that no longer believes in Christian values or Christian Morality.

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