Saturday, November 16, 2013

Escape Artist-Lawyers playing a game

I have just finished watching The Escape Artist with David Tennant; this was one of the best programmes I have seen for a long time. What it did show to me is that our Legal System has nothing to do with truth and justice. For those who did not see the series it was about a sadistic Murderer who murdered on two occasions on each time was released because of clever lawyers manipulating the Law which had nothing to do with finding the truth. To these lawyers it is just a game a competition between the Defense and the Prosecution. Not only to we have Politicians who do not represent the view of the electorate we also have a Justice system that des not seek truth and justice. WE CALL THIS A DEMOCRATIC COUNTRY???

Below is an article a boy who had a miracle, you would have thought everyone would be happy BUT know look at the Red Arrows in the comments, what sort of people are these people?

Richard Little-John is Bang On

The boy kept alive by love: His body was riddled by deadly tumours and doctors said there was no hope. So 12-year-old Connah's grandparents launched their own quest for a miracle

Immigration a mistake? Come off it, Jack! How Labour set out to transform the demographic make-up of England, by RICHARD LITTLEJOHN

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