Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Immigration Mess-Idiot Defence Minister Anne Soubry

Tony Blair and his Labour Government got us into the Immigration Mess but at least 2 ex Labour Ministers admit to it. Yet what does Cameron and his Government do? NOTHING. They have known for some times about the Roma population being allowed access to the UK in public they complain but in private they saddled up to all EU policies, his renegotiation with the EU is all Smoke and Mirrors. Then we have the new Defence Minister Anne Soubry attacking Nigel Farage on that lefty programme “Question Time”saying he was a liar and a scaremonger, yet it is her who is denying the truth. I have to be honest anyone has to be better then Cameron and this Government, lets hope the Conservative Party see sense before the next election and get rid of Cameron and seal a pact with UKIP

Influx of Roma migrants could spark city riots, warns David Blunkett
    Mr Blunkett called on Roma migrants from Slovakia to 'change their culture' because their dumping of rubbish and refusal to send their children to school had caused 'understandable tensions'

A spectacular mistake on immigration: Straw finally admits Labour 'messed up' by letting in one million East Europeans
    Former Home Secretary said the party's 2004 decision to hand immediate working rights to migrants from other EU states was a mistake
    Admission in his local paper is furthest any Labour minister has gone
    His successor David Blunkett also warned Roma migrants could cause riots
    Government had predicted influx of 13,000 a year - 1m came in a decade

'I don't like your tone Mr Farage': Tory minister launches devastating attack on UKIP leader putting 'fear in people's hearts' about immigration
    Anna Soubry tears into UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage
    The pair clashed on BBC's Question Time over immigration controls
    Defence minister says UKIP spread prejudice about eastern Europeans

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