Sunday, November 10, 2013


I do not like Jeremy Paxman I find him a typical BBC reporter Rude, anti Tory, anti UKIP and self-opinionated but with regard to his views on the WW1 Commemoration I think he is entirely right. This is not about a commemoration it is about publicity for the Prime Minister and the Conservative Party a disgraceful waste of money

Dennis Nilsen life story is to be serialized. Once again it is about money the publisher and his ghost writer will make a fortune then it will be followed by a Film All because an evil man murdered people doesn't say much about those capitalising on the subject

  I think the trial of the Soldier killing a terrorist was a travesty. What has annoyed me most is those condemning him, they are the same reporters, politicians, lawyers who revel in the war so they can make money and promote their own political beliefs/careers. This trial will give more ammunition to the Terrorists and their left wing friends and more people will die because of it. It seems the Police and Politicians do an excellent job of burying the truth when it affect them why did they not do it in this case.
Here is a comment made in a Newspaper
This trial upsets me so much I want to cry! Someone like baby P's mother walk free after a short term in jail and then a soldier who has devoted his entire life on serving this country is probably going to get a life sentence after shooting an already fatally injured enemy. This is so twisted!

Furious No10 demands apology from Jeremy Paxman for calling David Cameron a 'complete idiot' over plans for World War One centenary
    Prime Minister called for a 'WWI commemoration like the Diamond Jubilee'
    63-year-old Newsnight presenter dismissed proposal as 'clumsy language'
    Tory MP Rob Wilson wrote to BBC director Lord Hall demanding apology

'This man is a monster, he should not be allowed a voice': Murder victim's brother makes desperate plea to stop Dennis Nilsen's memoirs being published
    Dennis Nilsen is serving a life sentence at Full Sutton prison near York
    He murdered six young men and attempted to kill two others
    Has spent more than a decade fighting for right to publish his memoirs
    Now, excerpts from his autobiography are being serialised online

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