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More Foreigners and Fire Fighters have a point

Been away for a while so you have got a long moan

I think most of you know I have rather right wing views or as I prefer to call it Nationalist Views so it will come as no surprise to you that the article below disgusted me. Yet can you blame those immigrants coming to use and abuse our system? The ones to blame are the EU for bringing in laws to allow this mass migration, which puts a strain on every aspect of British life, the employers who want cheap labour to make even bigger profits. International Companies who have no respect or concern for individual countries as long as they can make a profit but worst of all is the last Labour Government who not only allowed this happen they actively encouraged it and then lied about numbers.
The situation with these migrant workers would not be so bad if there was an employment shortage but there isn’t we have massive unemployment. Because of the Labour Government made it more profitable not to work then to work, we are in a situation where we see several generations never having done a days work in their lives and that will bring about much social unrest

The answer is to withdraw from the EU, limit social handouts, increase the minimum wage to at least £10 and start to make employers give a social and moral duty of care to British people

The Unions have in the beginning done a good job for the workingman but then they moved into becoming left wing lunatics and Maggie rightly so curtailed their power BUT the curtailment has gone to far. EU employment law has not protected the workingman it has done the opposite and put the power back into the employer taking Britain back 200 years. When I started work in the mid 1960’s there was no unemployment, we were moving to a statutory 40-hour week, part time work be considered pin money for house wives, people were trained to do a job it was called an Apprenticeship, these apprentices accepted low wages while training knowing that in 3 to 5 years time they would get above average wages. Admittedly there was no minimum wage but everyone seemed to be reasonably happy with what they got and yes Health and safety left a lot to be desired. Lets have a look at now the minimum wage has become the norm, Agency workers are not guaranteed a 40 hour week, Employers can give you low hour working contract i.e. 20 hours per week then top it with overtime, great while the overtime is there but when they do not have the overtime tough. This recently happened with large Supermarket chain where their workforce had been on a guaranteed overtime for many years a downturn occurred and the staff was put on 20 hours. Most could not live on the wage so had to resign, the Supermarket were pleased they had got rid of a lot of British workers and low and behold a few weeks later they employed a load of foreign workers at a cheaper rate and what of the disgusting Zero hours working, can you believe we live in the 21st Century?  So what do continual Governments do? Top up working people’s money from the Tax Payer so employers get even cheaper labour and make more profit.

Of Course all the employers, CBI, Left wing think tanks tell us that the immigrants benefit the country NO IT DOESN’T it benefits t Greedy employers and Left wing idealists. In 198/90 I was paying a tradesman  £150 a day now I can get a Foreigners for £80 a day I personally would pay extra for a proper English Tradesman but I bet most don’t

I do not agree with striking but I think the Fireman have a point. If you go into a job and agree a set of rules both parties should abide by them, now this does not seem to be the case with the Fireman as they have been told their pension date has moved. Apart from the fact the government seem to be renegading on the agreement, surely we must all agree that some jobs which require physical strength and fitness must have a younger retirement age only for the fact that as we get older the body becomes less efficient, sitting at a desk is not the same as running around putting out fires.

I detest the left wing Unite union but why shouldn’t they barrack the Bosses at their homes at least they will see what it is like to have problems on their door step

At the next elect I shall not vote for any party I shall vote for the individual who is best for my area irrespective of party.  I no long see GB as a Democratic Country we are served by elected despots whose agenda and not the will of the people is paramount.

Just one final point I wager we never get an In-Out referendum on the EU

Queue here to work in Britain: Two months before doors open to more EU migrant workers, NHS, fast-food firms and hotel chains recruit cheap labour in Romania
    Romanians can come and live and work in Britain from January 1, 2014
    Dozens of websites and job fairs are advertising low skilled jobs in the UK
    Critics warn large influx of newcomers will put pressure on public services

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