Thursday, November 28, 2013

Lord Simon Reading and Commonwealth Sambo Association

It gives me great pleasure and it is also an Honour to announce that Lord Simon Reading has agreed to become an Honorary Member of the British CombatSombo Association a British Sombo Federation recognised body. Lord Reading is President of the Commonwealth Sambo Association, I met him in the early part of this year to talk about the BSF and the Commonwealth Sambo Association. At this meeting I found an honorable English Gentleman, someone I and the BSF could work with. Since then we have met on several occasions and exchanged many emails and I have come to like and respect him.  The test would come if he could put up with my sense of humor and I am pleased to say he could. Lord Reading will be considerable asset to the BSF, CSF and FIAS. You will find a video clip of Lord Reading below it has nothing to do with Sambo but shows the quality of the man

Many of you know I have had my doubts and my disagreement with the Commonwealth Sambo Association and with individuals on the committee but over the last 8 months I am convinced that the way forward for the various countries in the United Kingdom is through the CSA and I will suggest at the BSF AGM in January that all Home Countries join.
I attended the CSA AGM as mentioned below as a guest and found the meeting constructive and friendly it was well managed by the new General Secretary Ms Estony Hattingh from Botswana who allowed me to voice my opinion on various subjects 

Lord Simon Reading with FIAS Technical Director Andrew Moshanov

Commonwealth Sambo Association obtained the full membership from FIAS and became its official partner for the development of SAMBO in the 54 Commonwealth countries. The decision was taken at the XXV FIAS Congress in St.Petersburg on the October, 5, 2013.

Michael Wynne-Parker, the Chairman of the Advisory Board for the Commonwealth Sambo admitted that this event will be the unique opportunity for promoting Russian born martial arts style – SAMBO in the heart of London and present to the broader public its social and educational values and benefits.
Ms. Estony Hattingh, General Secretary of Commonwealth Sambo Association, stressed the
 significance of the coming event and the opportunity its brings for SAMBO athletes from the nations of Commonwealth to compete together with the best athletes in the World.
The gathering of 200+ distinguished delegates representing 90 countries world-wide saw a remarkable presentation from Lord Simon Reading, the Honorary President of Sambo Commonwealth, as he announced the plans to hold the Putin Sambo Cup next year in London, the tournament to become a milestone event of FIAS Calendar next year. Though the competition format has not yet been approved, it is expected that athletes from at least 4 top SAMBO countries in the world will take part along with a few teams representing the Commonwealth. The Cup will be staged in    Billingsgate court, London.
Ms Estony Hattingh

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