Tuesday, November 19, 2013

NHS is not a panacea of virtue

On Radio 4 I listened to a very disturbing story about an elderly lady in hospital, who has since died. Her daughter said that her and her family had to bring in blankets, pillows, food and drink, on occasions she had to clean her mother. On one occasion she heard her mother screaming because she was half on the commode and half off and totally ignored by staff. She was in constant pain only to be told by staff there was nothing wrong with her and it was all in her head. When she died it was found she had broken ribs and a damaged spine due to a fall not reported by the staff. If you think this is a modern day problem well it is not. In 19988 my father had a stroke and heart attack he was hospitalised in St Bart’s Chatham. On a visit to him I was confronted by a Senior Nurse to tell me how disgusted they were that my father would wet and soil the bed and not tell the staff. I confronted my father and said he must ask for a bottle or a commode, while I was there he asked me to get a nurse, I approached the nurses who were in their office drinking tea, they said they would come along. 10 minutes later no nurse so I went back to the office to where they were still drinking tea to remind them. A further 10 minutes elapsed and still no nurse this time I went back to the Nurses and made my feelings known and insisted that they follow me. On another occasion my mother visited him during visiting hours to find him with all bed linen on the floor lying in his own excrement. Sometime later we found out part of illness was that he had control of his bowel or his bladder.

For to long we have treated all Nurses as Angels of Mercy and this is not the case many of them become blasé with the job, the NHS is not the panacea of virtue we are led to believe and I do not believe it is the envy of the World. The NHS is outdated and inefficient and we the public need to realise that. Yet there are good parts I have had a replacement Knee and Hip and found the treatment, Nurses and Doctors excellent, as were the Nurses who attended my late mother and father at home.

See the article below about stopping the Roma coming over in January will this Happen NO, Cameron like previous governments will give into the EU as per usual, I wonder what Maggie would be thinking

Of course Churches are losing people especially the Church of England firstly we have government that is following a secular agenda and we have a left wing intelligencer promoting a system where the individual is paramount and all religion harm the freedom of the individual. So since the 1960’s we have seen the slow breakdown of the moral fabric of our society, individuals are encouraged to do what ever they like as long as they are happy no matter what the consequence are to the wider society.  Yet to some degree the Church of England has been complicit in this instead of taking a hard line on such as same sex marriage, sex out of marriage, single parents under age sex, alcoholism, substance abuse they made excuses for peoples behavior. They then tried to change the Church to move with the times instead of sticking to the teachings of Jesus Christ. The duty of the Church is prevent us from committing wrong doings or if you prefer sin, it will not be long before missionaries from Africa will be visiting the UK to save us. For those who have read the Bible remember the story of Sodom and Gomorrah

Don't lift curbs on Romanian migrants, Tories tell Cameron: Dozens of MPs set to call for five more years of restrictions for jobseekers
Restrictions on arrivals from Romania and Bulgaria to expire on January 1
Dozens of Tory MPs likely to back plan to extend restrictions for five years
Proposal heard by committee of MPs today, with Commons vote in weeks

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2509605/Dont-lift-curbs-Romanian-migrants-Tories-tell-Cameron-Dozens-MPs-set-5-years-restrictions-jobseekers.html#ixzz2l58KuF84
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Church 'is on the brink of extinction': Ex-Archbishop George Carey warns of Christianity crisis
Lord Carey said Church of England is at risk if 'urgent' action is not taken
He warned Church could be just one generation away from extinction
The 78-year-old Reverend laid the blame at the feet of Church leaders
He said should they be 'ashamed' of their failure to bring youngsters in
Lord Carey's stark message has been echoed by the Archbishop of York
The former Archbishop stepped down from Lambeth Palace in 2002

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2509379/Church-brink-extinction-Ex-Archbishop-George-Carey-warns-Christianity-crisis.html#ixzz2l5CCKTTC
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