Friday, November 08, 2013

Gordon vote for Referendum-Population explosion-Terrorist to get a Million

At last a Conservative with some Bottle, see article below , I hope our MP Gordon Henderson votes with him and if it splits the Conservative Party all well and good maybe then we will get rid of this Government of Toffs and Millionaires. If Cameron get back in and that is a big If you will not get an IN – OUT Referendum you will get a fudge. I was a great supporter of Maggie Thatcher and on hindsight John Major both who came normal backgrounds and were not born with a silver spoon in their mouth, compare them with Cameron and Blair both went to posh schools and had a fistful of money. Neither had a clue of the ordinary man in the street.

Population of Britain to soar by 10MILLION in just 25 years: Migrant families will push total to 73million, how can we afford that. I see the future where the few Brits working will be in management, no company will be British they will all be International Corporations. None of these corporations will train tradesman or workers hat will be left to other countries who will supply the labour force. Most of Brits will spend a lifetime on benefits and will be treated like a Sub Human species and why because Tony Blair along with the EU supported by Cameron made it so. The Political Classes will continue to erode Democracy with the excuse of Terrorism or for the future of the EU or for the preservation of the planet and they will continue to get richer and richer, stepping over the bodies of Brits when they go to bank their money.

Burka fugitive is suing UK for £1m: Just SICKENING! MI6 chief's verdict as judge rules terror suspect can use legal aid to make his claim. This is yet another case where those disgusting money grabbing Human Rights Lawyers have jumped on the band wagon, they are defending a known terrorist on alleged torture which can not be proved. This Scum will most probably win as will his scum lawyers and a Royal Marine who shot a murdering Terrorist is put on trial for Murder. British Justice at its best

PM faces 20 Tory rebels in poll over EU referendum: MPs want Cameron to hold vote on membership before 2015 election
    Maverick Adam Alfriyie leading charge to hold in-out vote two years earlier
    He told MPs: 'We risk sleepwalking to defeat by driving voters to Ukip'
    Prime Minister has already committed to holding EU referendum in 2017

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