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Food Banks-Scottish MSP-Age of Consent-Food Banks

Before I start moaning had some good news from my oldest Grand Child Connie, I have always moaned at her for being like the Harry Enfield character Kevin but she has proved me wrong she has now knuckled down and intends taking A levels in Photography, Film Studies and a B-Tec in I.C.T, it seems she has some very good teachers who give her the encouragement to succeed

I would be interested in research of the people attending food banks? Do these people smoke, drink alcohol, have a car, what is in their homes Large TV, Games console, Computers, etc. They will not get a penny from me till I know there is a real need. If there is need why are we sending billions to other countries?

It seems we can spend Billions on overseas aid propping up corrupt governments and giving aid o India who a Space Project yet we cut money to our armed services who protect this country

 It is only right that we help fellow Human Beings in the Philippines but where is the money coming from? It should be coming out of the Overseas Aid Budget but I wager it is not

The age of consent question is a typical answer when you have lost control of something. The UK has the worst under age pregnancy problem in Europe so the answer is to lower the age so we no longer have the problem, next legalise Drugs then there is no drug problem, then legalise Burglary and the crime rate would go down.
What we should be saying why teenage pregnancy are on the increase etc., why is in the so called swinging sixties there so few children born out of wedlock? In that period I knew of only girl who was pregnant at 16 she married the father (The done thing in those days) and she is still married to him 47 years later. The reason why we never had the problem was that we were brought up with morals all based on the Christian religion, we brought up to respect authority and our parents which projected a more disciplined society, plus and very importantly to have a child out of wedlock was considered a disgrace to the family. Since then those who believed in so called sexual freedom have campaigned to have their sexual habits legalised and accepted as an excuse to condone what they were doing, they have won and now we are paying for the consequences. Secularism has become an extremely prevalent in our society; this is the pursuant of individual rights over the rights of the group. This has now created the Society we live in today where the Individual is King and most of the time at the detriment of the Majority

Scottish MSP once again ignore the electorate 2/3 said they were against same sex marriage, but have they listened OF COURSE NOT, they will vote for Same Se Marriage no matter what the Scottish  People think and we think we live in a democracy?

If you only read one of the article below read the one by Peter Hitchin’s

Tory revolt over controversial bid to axe 20,000 Army jobs and replace full-time troops with reservists
    Rebel backbenchers are plotting to line up with MPs from Labour and other parties to block Defence Secretary Philip Hammond's plans
    Move, led by Basildon Tory MP John Baron, could threaten a Coalition scheme to remove 20,000 full-time personnel

Age of consent should be lowered to 15, says Britain's top public health expert
    Prof John Ashton is the president of the Faculty of Public Health
    Says change in law would discourage young teens from having sex
    Believes 15-year-olds would have sex better access to contraception
About a third of 15-year-olds are sexually active, according to official figures

How the BBC turned a catastrophic crisis into a drama about global warming
    Listeners given a bogus message on Radio 4's Today programme
    They were told storms like Typhoon Haiyan are linked to global warming
    Same claim, which has no scientific basis, echoed by David Cameron

Calls for inquiry into British shoot-to-kill policy in Ulster
    Amnesty International called for investigation into torture claims
    Ex-solider said unit was 'a deadly ghost squad' and 'a shadow troop'
    Police in Ireland started to re-examine 3,260 murders in 2005

PETER HITCHENS: Marine 'A' is going to jail - but the guilt is all Blair's

Same-sex marriage set to be legalised in Scotland as majority of MSPs say they will back Bill despite massive public opposition
    86 out of 127 politicians in Holyrood say they will vote to pass legislation
    Ten said they remained undecided and 20 refused to reveal their opinion
    Consultation revealed two-thirds of respondents were against plans

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