Saturday, November 09, 2013

The Only Good Terrorist Is A Dead One

So the Royal Marine has been convicted of Murder, why because he shot a wounded terrorist, a terrorist who could have killed several Marines a few days ago and then butchered their bodies, a terrorist who left to live could have gone on to murder more of our soldiers and civilians. A terrorist who if saved could have then sued our country for millions with the help of Human rights lawyers. There is only one good terrorist and that is a dead one

Of course all the left wing press and the left wing gaggle have thoroughly enjoyed a British Marine being tried, they can get on their hobbyhorse stating that we should all be in a Peoples Republic and how nasty Western Democracies are. Yet they have more blood on their hands then any soldier.  Let take the editor of the Guardian who printed the leaked documents from the American Traitor, which have now been proved damaging to the British people and an aid to our enemies. Many thousand could be killed because of the Guardian totally disregard for the safety of the British people, will he be put on trial for murder NO! Maybe he did not shoot anyone but he will have the blood on his hands of hundreds if not thousands of people. What of Shami Chakrabarti and Liberty who are in the process in bringing a complaint to the Government because they BELIEVE the secret service has been spying on them, please note the believe they have no proof by their own admittance. This will cost the Taxpayer thousands and of course make Shami and Liberty thousands. Liberty what a marvellous organisation yes when they the rights of Individuals are abused but the main resin de’tra is a left wing agenda to ban and make illegal all forms of espionage and to help break up the fabric of all Democratic societies. Let s not forget the Human Rights Lawyers, when they appear on the TV and Radio they try and convince us they are doing what they do for the betterment of society? When was the last time you heard of a Human Rights Lawyer doing anything for free? They are money grabbing parasites 

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