Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Gordon you deserve to win but I am afraid it is probable you will lose

Below is a circular from Local MP Gordon Henderson where he is trying to help a worthwhile cause. The sad fact is I doubt if there will be any money from KCC to support this and the reason is the influx of Bulgarian and Romanian Roma people who will be landing in Kent Docks in January. Although the lefties and pro EU cabal will try and tell us they are here to work the truth is they are here to sponge on our benefit system. KCC by law will be obliged to house them and maintain them and the money will have to come by cutting other services. This immigration problem is a direct result of the last Labour government allowing an open door policy on immigration so the incomers can vote Labour and giving in to the EU. The only way forward is to get out of the EU and the Human Rights debacle.

Sorry Gordon but I think you will lose

5th November 2013
Release: Immediate
MP expresses concern for FACES of Kent

Local MP, Gordon Henderson, has written to the Kent County Council expressing his concern that Faces of Kent may be forced to close unless they receive emergency funding to see them through to April 2014, when they are hopeful they will be able to access funds from other sources.

Mr Henderson said: 
“I am a huge fan of Faces of Kent, which does excellent work with a number of disadvantaged children in Sittingbourne and Sheppey. It would be a huge loss to our community if this fantastic charity was forced to close down through a temporary lack of funds.

“I know that Cllr Mike Whiting met the group recently and shares my concern and is lobbying his colleagues on Swale Borough Council, and local schools in the hope that they can come up with enough money to help fund the charity in the months ahead.

“In addition, following a letter to me from Faces of Kent, I wrote to the Kent County Council pleading with them to award Faces of Kent an emergency grant to see them through until next April, when hopefully they will be able to access other funding streams.”


Attached: Copy of letter from Gordon Henderson to Jenny Whittle

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