Monday, April 29, 2013

Murder at Taste of Portugal

Another Success at the Taste of Portugal

I know I keep on about TOP but it has been years since I have been comfortable in either a Restaurant or Pub. English Restaurants want you in and out as quick as possible so they can get another booking in as for Pubs they consist of several Televisions with Football or other junk you want to get away from and the behaviour of the customers leaves a lot to be desired but as my children say that what young people want to do. So I have drink in doors, but no longer I have found a Pub/Café, which has good food pleasant company in an atmosphere where you can talk, yes it does have a TV but with no volume, yes there is the occasional Karaoke and yes there are other theme nights but they are performed in a family atmosphere and not in a drunken, raucous manner

This Saturday TOP had a Murder Mystery evening something I have never experienced but what a great evening, I was given the position of Mr Fu Man Chu, how they thought a bloke my size looks Chinese was strange  but I made the mistake of speaking Chinese at the beginning of the evening. Any way I could not resist the chance to act as the wife says I like to be the centre of attraction (At my size that is not hard). So I borrowed some eye liner gave my self a Chinese moustache etc. and when I had to give my speech I spoke like a China man but some how every now and then it 

sounded like I came from India, I explained that I was Chinese but had lived in India. My son John was to be a Italian Mafia man he obviously announced himself as the Italian Stud (with his pink jumper. I wonder stud for whom) what was most annoying was his character was the murderer and he worked out all the clues and won the £25 prise, we will never hear the end of that.

Everyone paid £25 a head which included the Murder, Mystery and a 3 course meal, my only complaint was there was to much food, the starter tapas alone filled me up as john said we should have asked for a doggy bag. Carlos everyone call him Carlosh darts about and is on the go all the time like a machine gun so I have nickname Kalashnikov. A great Night go and give TOP a trial and look out members of SMAC we will be running a similar night at TOP to raise money for the club

John is wearing the lovely Pink Top Doesn't he look lovely Darling

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