Sunday, April 14, 2013

Anne Barnes is a waste of space

This new Police Commissioner for Kent is proving to be a complete waste of space as does the idea of a Police Commissioner, something the public never wanted. As I have said before the Police should be force to uphold the law not a group of social workers because that is what they are becoming just like Prison warders. What person in their right mind would employ a 17 year old to be a Police Czar? What a lot of people have missed out was the disgusting life style this girl had and where her parents when all this was happening have look at below

The permissive society has produced this type of person some one with extremely low morals, you can understand why we have the biggest teenage pregnancy in the Western World. Where were her parents I say again and why did Anne Barnes employ her?  Yet I hope she has learnt her lesson and if the press keep attacking her she could harm herself, time to let her get on with her life

Lets all get back to Christian virtues and morality even you do not believe you have to admit things would be better. 



 Won 43.9 per cent of the vote in 1979, 42.4 per cent  in 1983 and 42.2 per cent in 1987 – landslide results of which  contemporary politicians can only dream.

YouGov finds that she is deemed the greatest post-1945 Prime Minister, and that 52 per cent  of the public believe she was a great or a good PM. 

Britain’s social housing sector was almost Soviet in size before Thatcher’s right-to-buy scheme was introduced, accounting for a third of all homes. Yet today, even after the sell-offs, it is a little-known fact that it remains much larger than in most other countries – worth up to a fifth  of the total. That’s more than Denmark, Sweden, France, Finland, Ireland, Belgium, Slovenia, Germany and Italy.

Public spending fell from  44.6 per cent of national income in 1979-1980 to 39.4 per cent in 1990-91. Entire chunks of the economy – including British Telecom and BP – were moved into the private sector, transforming loss-making bureaucracies into world-class firms.

More mines were closed during Harold Wilson’s two terms in office than in Thatcher’s three 

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