Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Syria-Jailed for caring for Father-Penis washer-1 million

Syria keeps cropping up on the news and more and more it seems our Government want to get involved, well you have to be careful for what you wish for. The Syrian Government maybe a hard-nosed bunch but they were tolerant of all religions the so-called rebel are not they are in the main hard line Muslims. So when they eventually win the 10% Christian population will be driven out or killed, as will the moderate Muslims. Many of the fighters are Alkihida so they will have a major influence in the Country when the Rebels win and the civil war will continue. The newspapers tell us that 100 British Muslims have gone out to fight for them our only hope they all get killed for those that return will be a threat to our own security. So I think the best thing is not get involved or if we do it should be a diplomatic way to try and broker a deal and you can not do this if you are supplying one side with equipment.

Jailed in secret - for trying to rescue her father from care home where she believed he would die
    Wanda Maddocks is first person to be imprisoned by Court of Protection
    It settles the affairs of people too ill to make their own decisions
    Jailed because she ignored orders not to try to remove her father from home

What is this country becoming I can understand secret courts when it comes to National Security but to imprison someone for caring about her Father is a disgrace read the article especially the comments
A friend of mine who is a Coach driver and makes the run to London every day swears the Police is becoming like the East German Stasi, his politics are some what of the main stream but what he said does make sense. It tell me most of the Police cars are unmarked so no one can see them, I questioned if they were unmarked how do you know they are there. Simple for several times in an hour you suddenly see a car put a blue light on the roof and off they go. He has a point a visual Police car is a deterrent at least

I was told yesterday that a Company in Sittingbourne which I was told is called Flow Cast and employ practically all foreign Labour has just put up a sign in 4 different languages “Please sit on Toilets do not Stand” be interesting if this is true? Once again my bus driver friend tell me this is now quite common in London where the majority of the population are foreign and non Christians, pus they will come out of the toilet with there trousers down wash there backsides and Penis in a sink in full public view. Some claim this is part of their religion is this true?

In Germany the government has admitted many Germany Cities are dominated by foreign Mafia style gangs and some areas are becoming no go areas for Germans Is this already happening in in GB and we are not be told? Couple this with the recent statement by the Bulgarian President stating when the UK opens its gates to his people we will be flooded by criminals, so much for the EU.

Revealed: The one million people who are fit-to-work but have been on benefits for three years
    4 out of 10 work-related benefits claimed by long-term unemployed
    Iain Duncan Smith releases report which includes the damning figures
    Ministers under fire for capping benefits at £26,000 a year per household
    Study found a third of all children are not living with both birth parents

Easy answer send a Million foreigners who working here back to where they came from and make the unemployed do their work

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