Sunday, April 07, 2013

Bad Tenant- Cataplaner-New York

I have always prided myself on being a good landlord always repairing equipment very promptly, plus on occasions I have allowed tenant time to pay. Yet the amount of time you get taken advantage off is beginning to make me considerer my generosity. Take the latest problem an tenant gave in his notice to finish in November 2012 which I accepted but the job he went for fell through so I said sorry but I have a new tenant moving in March but can let you rent on a month to month basis till then. The last rental month he said you have my deposit can you use that for this for the last month, I thought OK he has been a good tenant and his flat looked OK so I agreed. What a fool I was since he left on March 12th we have had bailiffs after him, he was due in court in Cambridge for drug offences he has not paid his electric or water. Worse still was to come we had noticed damaged to the door where he obviously lost his key and forced the lock and then the other night the new tenant told me a window had fallen out, the last tenant had taken the beading out of the window and came in that way but never replaced the beading, we found other window with the same trouble plus he lost the key the key to the back door and tried using a jemmy to get it open. To top it all I have to go through a right rig more roll to get the Deposit paid to me from the DPS. 

Mind you I did have a couple of good nights, Friday Valerie invited John, Vicky and the kids, Keith Costa, Sheila and Ann Sheehan round for a meal spent the whole night round the Table great, I supposed the snobby name would be a Dinner Party. Then Saturday I had a real treat for breakfast smoked salmon with some prawns on toast in the evening up to my favourite Pub/Café Taste of Portugal for some good company and food, this time I had a fish Cataplana Peixe , an excellent meal that I can recommend to everyone. It is like a fish stew with tomatoes, fish, shell food and other secret ingredients. As soon as the Sun comes out and spring starts to appear it puts you in much better frame of mind so Sunday out for walk finishing with a nice cup of coffee at the café in Bredgar.

Some of you may know the aggravation I am having with International Sambo, I had been thinking of going to New York in May for a competition, not competing I might add only wish I could. With the back stabbing going on the Sambo World it was nice to hear from my old friend Curt Shearer who invited me to his home in New Jersey suddenly realised although things with Sambo are not good now I have met some tremendous people in the past and made some life long friends. Most probably miss the tournament but may take Curt up with his offer. So all in all not a bad life

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