Monday, April 29, 2013

Benefits and Ken Clark

I listened to a programme this morning on the new all in one benefit; I am basically all for them with the exception of one thing that is Housing Benefit. At present a Tenant can opt to have their housing benefit paid to me direct which insures I get the rent. If they are sent all the money direct then some will stop paying the rent and will be evicted. One of those on the radio was someone on benefit who said he needed £350 a week to live he was living on his own, he also said he needed a three bedroom house because his children stopped over twice in one month. Lets analyse where his cost come from:

Rent £650 pcm
TV license £12.08 pcm
Council Tax pcm £67.04 (this includes his single person allowance)
 This comes to £168 .25 per week he has left £181.75 to pay everything else
My tenants in a one bedroom flat pay £100 gas in a year Electric £520 Water £200 so services per week £15 .76
So his out goings before food etc. is £184.01 per week leaving him £165.99 per week this is what he expects to get from us Taxpayers?
At present all his rent and Council Tax is paid for he says he is on invalidity benefit, which is much higher, the Job seekers allowance. If he is put into a one bedroom flat the Council will pay up to £470 pcm saving the taxpayer £180 pcm. If you are on benefit you live in subsidised housing if you want a bigger property then you GET A JOB

Kenneth Clark really ought to get his head out of his backside when he makes statements like the following “ UKIP voters are racists, says Clark: Minister in 'clowns' jibe as Tories declare war on Farage's party” With the Conservative Party hemorrhaging votes to UKIP they need to bring back Conservative voters not insult them. I also believe if we want to prevent Labour Government we should cut a deal with UKIP. I am far from pleased with KCC Council especially their attitude on people using the Rubbish Tip. Yet I was still going to vote Conservative well I am not now and it is because of Clark and his pathetic outburst, time for him to go, along with his pro EU mates. I hope UKIP win a lot of seats this may wake Cameron up and bring a vote for a Withdrawal from the EU sooner then later. As for Clark he has never been a true Conservative his proper place is in with the LibDems. Just another point have you had any literature from any of the Parties? Have you had anyone knock the door? Well if you have your lucky I have had none

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