Saturday, April 06, 2013

LEFT WING IDIOTS should stop spreading lies

I am all for the so-called Bedroom Tax although it is no really a tax. The idea is that if you live in a Council House or Housing Association property  and claim Housing Benefit you can only live  in accommodation that fits your needs. So for example the most my local Council will pay a single person for a flat is £470 pcm if you decide to live in a 3 Bedroom house and the rent is £700 pcm you make up the difference, now this is already done in the Private Rental sector and it makes absolute good sense so why shouldn’t Council house and Housing association go through the same process. Remember these are not people who have been unemployed for short period of time these are the long-term unemployed who ponce of the state, which means us taxpayers. IDS has been slated by the those left wing nut cases and the BBC read his story below and make up your own mind.

My days on the breadline, a disgraceful BBC and the wife whose love sustains me: Iain Duncan Smith hits back at the left
    Mr Duncan Smith has been reviled for trying to reform benefits
    But the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions has had enough

  As for the Labour saying that the child killer Philpot claiming benefit of over a £1000 per week for being a father of 17 kids and living of the state had nothing to do with the manslaughter of the children they want to have their head tested. Of course they do not want people to work they love the unemployed because they are the idiots who vote Labour. IDS had right when he said no form of child benefit with families with more then 2 children that will stop this type of low life breeding. Here is another quote from an article I love it.
Where well-off, Left-leaning do-gooders in Britain’s leafier suburbs are weeping into their macchiato coffees over the Tories’ trims to welfare spending, the poor seem unmoved. What is wrong with these ungrateful urchins, plummy-voiced radicals wonder?
What the posh warriors for welfarism don’t understand is that the poor do not share their enthusiasm for the welfare state, for one very simple reason: like my friend, they know what the welfare state is like, and what a corrupting influence it can have on individual ambition and community life.

Archbishop of Canterbury demands higher spending of taxpayers' money on foreign aid

Another load of Guardian Reading Left wing nonsense read some of the comments they are just right

Here's an idea Arch. Why not send some of the churches millions you've got hidden away overseas and stop spending other peoples money.
- TarHeelBrit , Raleigh, 06/4/2013 08:49
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Sorry Reverent, charity starts at home, and it's at home we need it now, you are well taken care of with money in the bank and comfortable home,so how very easy it is for you to say these things, why don't you give up all your earthly goods,then say it !!
- cheshire girl , Northwich, 06/4/2013 08:48
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Let us see the church put their money where their mouths are.
- Maisy , Jolly Old England, 06/4/2013 08:48
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What about the poor in this country, what about the pensioners dying from the cold every year 30,000 this year, what a bout our pot-holed road, our hospitals open the whole of the EU - we need money here. not to give it away. An bizarrely, the government is borrowing money just to give it away c- what fool would do that?
- anthony farrar , worthing, 06/4/2013 08:48
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The numbers of people living in poverty has halved because they all live in europe now
- EssexAlex , Essex, 06/4/2013 08:48
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Pahh!! Bye To You!!
- Haylayy91 , Darlaston, United Kingdom, 06/4/2013 08:48
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Right, that's one person that thinks we should, hands up how may think we shouldn't increase aid??
- Paul , Telford, United Kingdom, 06/4/2013 08:47
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Oh dear another fool in office.
- FsASTSyd1 , St.Neots, United Kingdom, 06/4/2013 08:45
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Don't worry Archbishop, we are going to give a lot of support to a couple of poor countries people come 2014. Then you'll see more of your own flock without a job, reliant on benefit and having to fight for houses and treatment on the N.H.S. which is already catering for flights of health tourists, costing us dear. You'll see some nice new crimes as well. It's nice to be bountiful with other people's money isn't it. We're always giving to charities when we go to supermarkets and our money buys less. How about some of the aid money going to a new vaccination programme for T.B. which was almost eradicated when I was a girl and thanks to certain policies is now on the rise..
- Mrs B. wife of Mr.B. , E. Anglia, United Kingdom, 06/4/2013 08:44
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As a member of the C of E I was hoping we had a man who could do the one thing we need in this country , and thats tell people of Jesus' Gospel of love. That's his job. We need to look at this country and stand up for the message.
- waguitarman , Nottingham, 06/4/2013 08:43
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