Friday, April 05, 2013

John Apps

Johnny Apps
My Brother in Law

John is a year older then me and is a really interesting character, you may not see him for months and then there is a knock on the door. Valerie has a large family Sister and 5 brothers although a large family they very rarely see each other but John is different he makes a point of seeing everyone. In recent years he got divorced and now lives on a caravan site for 8 months of the year.  It seems he has been there for year, news to us any way he turns up yesterday and tells us, I ask where he spends the other 4 months, he replies Gambia! What for 4 months? Yes very cheap he rented a room for I believe £10 month, the stories he came out with were unbelievable. I remember he visited Africa once before and got friendly with some locals who were living in mud huts and he would eat with them, they had no electricity and could not afford oil lanterns so the next time he went out he took with some cheap solar lights as a present. Those of you who know him will know his reputation for getting involved in fights but his kindliness to animals and the downtrodden is amazing. Some the scraps he has been it are very comical but for legal reasons cannot give details of them. He talked about stroking crocodiles and going on hikes but never a photo his answer to that, the photos are all in my head. I said that’s no good to us, John being John he had to get involved in one fight this time against a big South African, both were arrested but as usual John came out on top with the South African paying £40 compensation along with a fat lip. His stories of the Gambian People were great fun and showed a different light of the people, well they must be OK because he is going back out there in a months time, this time I have asked for photos and maybe some written words.

If you know John have a chat with him

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