Tuesday, April 02, 2013

IDS Petition Stupid

Iain Duncan Smith: I could live on £53 per week
Iain Duncan Smith has claimed he could live on £53 per week - the same amount as one benefit claimant said he survives on after rent and bills. This was a headline in the Daily Telegraph

There is a ridiculous petition going round about making IDA live on £53 He never said he could do he if I had to and lets see what the above says AFTER RENT AND BILLS S this guy has £53 to live on has anyone asked what his bills are? I expect they Electric, Gas, Insurance house and Car, Road Tax if he has a car, Council Tax I expect he gets a discount on that, TV License, Sky TV etc. Has anyone asked if he smokes or drinks, does he buy take always? If £53 is just for food I certainly could live on it for week by buying sensibly, cooking my own food etc., I would not want to but then again I do not need because I work and pay tax to help those who do not work

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