Tuesday, April 09, 2013

I supported Maggie and Proud of it

I am proud to have voted for Maggie Thatcher I think she was the best peacetime Prime Minister this Country has ever had. She changed this country for the better her legacy was wasted by Blair, Brown and to some degree Cameron. What infuriates me is the way some people have reacted the BBC especially will get anybody on to condemn her. The miners were expected on, saying how wicked she was, haven’t they yet realised they were in a dying industry and their union was run by Left Wing Communists who wanted to destroy the whole fabric of the this nation and impose a Communist dictatorship on us, as for the rest of the minnows they brought forward, most of them were lefties who have been forgotten in the last decade and will never be remembered in the history books. The Unions were soundly defeated for the best. What sickened me most was the media interviewing the IRA Gerry Adams who condemned her, here was a man who led a terrorists organisation and was responsible for the murder of many innocent British Subject there is only one word for him SCUM. Remember she was never voted out of power her own MP’s knifed her in the back and they suffered for it and still are. Much has been made of Geoffrey Howe’s speech, which led to her downfall but can any of you remember what he actually did in his career? What an epitaph for an MP “I was responsible for the demise of Margaret Thatcher”

The one thing that she introduced was the Poll Tax, which should have remained. It was the fairest form of Local Taxation where every one contributed equally for local services, unlike the ridiculous Council Tax which people are penalised for having large houses. How can any system be fair if two people live in house pay the same as someone next door with maybe 6 people living there? It like going to Supermarket buying a loaf of bread and being charged according to your income

Maggie will be remembered throughout History rather then those dinosaurs who opposed her

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