Sunday, April 21, 2013

Boston-School Holiday-Slavery

Terrorists want to disrupt normal society and put fear into ordinary people that’s what they wanted to do in Boston and they succeeded. Jeremy Clarkson wrote an article called Keep Clam and Carry On America. This was borrowed from our WW2 government information leaflet. This is what we Brits do quite excellently but we have been under attack from foreign powers and terrorists since WW2. The IRA being the main enemy and it was the people in Boston who gave them a lot of funding. The US has been relevantly safe country except for their internal nut cases and their attitude to guns but sadly they must prepare themselves for more terrorists’ attacks. So when people moan about places like Guantanamo Bay they should remember they are the people who want to destroy democracy,.

Should School Holidays be shorter? At first I said yes but not so sure now, our education over the last several decades has a lot to be desired, the over emphasis on academic qualifications has always favoured the more intelligent and those from Middle class families. I left school at 15 in 1965 and came out with no formal qualification but with a better-rounded knowledge then any 17 year old of today. People like my brother went on to College to get his O & A levels I went into becoming an Agricultural Apprentice and gained County, City& Guilds, NCA qualifications, this was after I left school, mind you this was in a time of 100% employment, with foreigners not stealing our jobs. I believe the emphasis should be on Reading, Writing and Arithmetic (3 R’s) if every child had a good grasp of these when they leave School they can further there own education, Plus I think they should learn History of the UK, some say this produces a insular approach to our country, that is rubbish as our History scans the World, this includes learning and understanding other cultures. If you do not understand our past you will never understand our future, we also need to understand Christianity before being taught any other religion, our laws, ethics, morality is based on Christianity even if you do not believe in God this knowledge is still important and finally we must have a grasp of Geography especially has we all become more Global. I would favour extending the School day; back in the 1960’s it was 9am till 4pm maybe 8am till 1pm academic studies afternoons would be Sport, Arts etc. What we should not do is to alter the School day and School Holidays just to suit those professionals who think of their children as a commodity and fit them round their Job

I should been in Belgium this morning to support our Judo Team but overlaid and missed the bus first time this has ever happened in 58 years of Judo

Listened to Radio this morning and tried the Sunday Service but sorry the way these priests, vicars talk is so boring no wonder people do not go to church. Also on this morning there was a feature on slavery in Eritrea, you would not believe in this day and age there is still slavery. Us Europeans are forever being slated for having slaves from Africa hundreds of years ago but these people who continue to blame us instead should be complaining about the past they should be campaigning for those in Africa who are slaves and owned by other Africans.

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