Saturday, April 27, 2013

Gang Fights at Sittingbourne Station

John Clarke wrote

So one of my lads I teach at school a nice lad who keeps him self to him self got beat up last night for no reason had to go to the hospital the lot. I was there to help him calm him down and ring his parents the police were called 3 times and did not bother turning up what a joke I real disgrace. I found out who done it and found the lad who is a year 10 at Westland when I asked him why he did the the reply was he looked at me. I would have loved to have done the same to him but common sense prevailed however I am sure that lad and his make will not like it next year when I am a Westland teacher I HATE bully's. the lad who was beat up was Jack Rawlinson nice lad I was pleased he came and found me to help him.

I am told when this incident happened on Friday at 7.30pm near Sittingbourne Station there was just one Police Patrol Car for Faversham, Sittingbourne and Sheppey and that was at an incident Faversham. Why not get rid of that over paid Police Commissioner Ann Barnes and the rest of the hangers on and put the money into more Police Patrols. 

This is even more reason why we need locally elected Sheriffs who can get firms to sponsor vehicles we need true local accountability

Another interesting point was that this gang of 15 year olds have been on the rampage for some time recently there was a gang of them waiting at the railway station for a gang from Sheppey to have a punch up luckily they were dispersed, I thought this type of thing was relegated to the 1960's? Did anyone see if this was reported in the local paper.

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