Saturday, April 27, 2013

TV Ad-Drones-Anti Racism-Train

My most annoying TV Advert is “Peoples Choice” this is a magazine of short stories and it has some middle aged middle class women reading from it. I feel like throwing something at the TV.

I had to go to a meeting in London taking the car was completely out of the question with the cost of diesel, parking and Boris Tax I would have been looking at £70 t0 £80 so the train it was it has been over 30 years since I travelled on a train so when putting a £5 for on the counter for a ticket and having the attendant laugh and asked for a further £12 I was a little shocked and then paying a further £20 for Cab fares (I did tip) I now realise why my mate John, who is always complaining about rail fares, has gone grey. It was still cheaper then the Car and much more comfortable, they have buffet trolley mind you at £3.75 for a sandwich it is a treat. On occasions like this I always put my phone on silent not so other people in the carriage and the continually ringing was to say the least annoying and why do they have to shout when answering and some of the conversations are pathetic like “ Will be come home at 7pm lets have a pizza” another one was a guy answers the phone with a big smile and says ”I am on the train” as if he was on a trip to the moon. This was at 10 am in the morning. Sadly I have to go again a couple of week’s time. Oh and I forgot it always finished with that pathetic phrase “Love You”

I heard on the radio today that there is to be a protest against unmanned drones, what is a matter with these people they are like the Green Common Lesbians who tried to stop Cruise Missiles and failed. They have no concept of the real world these drones are safer for our pilots and more accurate, yes there will be mistakes but that is war and do not tell me manned planes are any more  accurate. The best thing these nut cases can do is to go to Afghanistan and demonstrate out side the Taliban HQ or the Pakistan Parliament (if they have such a thing) These Drones would be obsolete if we did not have terrorists 

How anti-racism lessons INCREASE pupil intolerance by 'causing animosity to other cultures'
Dutch study finds discussing sensitive ethnic concerns can be counter-productive
Education Secretary Michael Gove under fire over plans to stop teaching teenagers about multicultural topics

At long last we have an Education Secretary who is taking on the Left wing and the PC brigade. Have listed a couple of comments from the article

During my teaching career I learned this about children. They have a natural sense of justice and fairness when young. They learn by adult example. They are naturally friendly unless those people hurt or frighten them in some way. In other words, they are natural humanists. They also form their own opinions quite early on based on their own experiences and understandings but as soon as they learn that what adults do is different from what they say, everything changes- they become angry, contrary, disillusioned, disappointed or depressed at the realization they've been betrayed. Teaching children to think for themselves must be the primary purpose of school, not "right thinking" of the ideology in charge. They need to navigate the world with creative and flexible thought, not forced "tolerance" of intolerable and unjust things. Teach truth, justice, fairness, what makes humans good, and how to contribute. Teach critical thinking. Teaching differences divides, that's it's purpose -it's evil.
- ME , Canberra, Australia, 27/4/2013 02:38

This study strengthens my long-held conviction that multiculturalism never has, and never will, work. In over 10000 years of civilization, the only process that has effectively worked is integration. Immigrants either integrate into local society, or they become so polarized that they have to migrate to some other place. All that multiculturalism does is highlight the differences, which inevitably leads to resentment or ridicule, resulting in animosity and aggression.
- Ken , Brisbane, Australia, 27/4/2013 02:23

Well a lot of the time you'd get the impression that only 'whites' are racist from our liberal media and public service, when in fact each and *every* culture and ethnicity that has its own share of the ignorant, fearful and idiotic. Racism is ignorance, fear and stupidity and it is a sad truth that we'll never be rid of it until we are rid of those first.
- Andrew , Broken Britain, 27/4/2013 01:51

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