Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Swearing on Facebook

I sometimes use a Facebook page called “The Gossip Board Sittingbourne” I use it mainly to promote club activities but occasionally I answer some of the comments like the one below from a young mother, I have ** the swear words plus why do people use those silly text style wording

To the slag in Asda today if I see u again I will ram my car right up ur fat backside!! I'm driving around waiting for a parent/child space for ages, 1 comes up and she pulls into it with no kids in the car.. I said to her wxcuse me u do realise that's parent child and people like me need that space (twins) she said do I look like I give a f**k and walked off, I bet u give a f**k when u realise something lol 

My Reply: You may be angry but do you have to use bad language it just belittles you and your argument
No he means me and yes I do, I will talk how I want thanks bye

My Reply: I can understand when you are angry and talking a swear word comes out but to write it down you have to make a conscious decision rather then one on impulse, maybe I come from a generation where men did not swear in front of women and children, women never swore at all. Old fashioned and obviously out of date values

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