Friday, April 12, 2013

What does a 30 year old know about Maggie

Just read an article by some 30 year old slagging Maggie of so I gave a comment

Maggie Crushed the Communist dominated Union and made made  balloting before strikes, allowed the working man to create Businesses, made it possible for the working man to own his house, helped in the Collapse of world wide communism and freed people, privatized the disgraced inefficient wasteful costly nationalised industries allowing many ordinary people to have shares, beat the Argentinian Dictator and restored pride into GB again, got us the EU rebate given up by Blair, reduced taxes reduced inflation, when she came into power the UK was known as the sick man of Europe she changed all that, she made women realize they could achieve I could go on. The question I might ask is how old is the person who placed these photo's?  Because I am old enough to remember massive power cuts caused by the Unions, Rubbish being left in the streets for months because of strikes, I remember bodies not being buried because of strikes, I remember waiting months before I was allowed a Mortgage by the government, Council House tenants would wait months before basic repairs, you could wait a year before having a telephone installed,  TV was restricted to a few stations, no independent radio stations, newspapers with restriction do you remember the Daily Express logo a Crusader with chains around it symbolizing the government restrictive policies. Maggie changed all this and much more. Instead of reading all the left wing rubbish try and get your fact right 

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