Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Complaint to BBC-Class War-Boston

To: Maria Miller MP (the Secretary of State for Culture, Media, Gordon Henderson MP

I was watching a BBC program call the Big Question as expected part of the program is about Margret Thatcher This has to be the most disgraceful piece of Broadcasting I have seen nearly all of the audience were left wing Maggie haters. Considering that Margaret Thatcher was voted by the population as the best Prime Minister this country has had you would have thought the BBC would have gone for some balance on the contrary 90% of speakers ranted out left wing lies and vitriol and the presenter made no attempt to bring other people into the discussion. This is program has also had many religious discussions in the past with a bias to those who are of the secular movement or anti religion, I have never complained about this but this blatant attack on Margaret Thatcher was a disgrace. I have complained to the BBC but do not expect any positive response.

Martin Clarke

Pre Thatcher the Unions were a left wing dominated organisation there aim was to bring the democratic process down in the UK and install a Communist State this was backed by the old Soviet Union with money. These Unions Despots like Jack Jones, Arthur Scargill and Red Robbo called it a Class War and War it was, they were the Generals and their members their soldier were their members. They lost and they were soundly beaten by Margaret Thatcher and Freedom and democracy was saved from the enemy within not only were they defeated she was also involved in seeing the collapse of the Soviet Union. So all those winging Left-wingers accept defeat and for those who say they have been unemployed since the mid 1980’s get of your fat left wing backsides and get a Job.
Yet after saying all that if you believe in something passionately sometimes your views affect your judgment and you soon fall into myth becoming fact, this is why you are getting so many people who were not even born in the 1980’s demonstrating mind you most of the them are the great unwashed and using their benefit to buy cheap cider.

The bombing in Boston once again prove that extremists will go to any length to put their argument across but I fail to see how killing innocent people achieves that and what have they done wrong? History proves me wrong murdering terrorists like Nelson Mandela and Gerry Adams have become mainstream Politicians on the back of being responsible for the death of innocent people. It some what ironic when Gerry Adams and the IRA was murdering people during the so called troubles their main source of income was the Irish Community in Boston.

My prayers go out to all those who died or were injured in Boston

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