Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Funeral and the Battle of Kent Avenue

I shall be watching Baroness Thatcher’s Funeral on ITV or Sky certainly not on  the left wing BBC sadly an organisation she failed to squash. There was the chance of attending the funeral but the thought of spending hours standing would have done my so called good knee right in plus the fact of potential arrest by the Police for chinning a anti Thatcher lazy left wing nutcase could be another reason.

With major funerals like this, you are quite likely to reminisce which I have been doing and a very old memory appeared, something I have not thought of for over 50 years. It seem when I was about 11 years old I had my own gang and on one occasion my gang took on a gang from Manor Grove led by a boy called Andrew Gash. It seems the both of us had planned this battle like a military operation very much on the idea of the Roman Legions, we had our soldiers, and spies who had infiltrated the enemy, out riders on bikes and the girls were our nurses, by all account I gave a speech to encourage my troops. My father and the other fathers loved it but my mother thought it disgraceful. As like most things when you were young nothing actually happened I had my troops at Kent Avenue he had his at Manor Grove. The reason the war finished we all told it was time for bed but it was exciting never the less. I think there was only two of you on my Blog who may remember this John Elmer and Trevor Jordan oh must not forget little brother Norman. Just one more thing can you remember playing Film Stars in the road?

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