Sunday, May 17, 2015

2020 Olympics Sambo Demonstration Sport?

The 2020 Olympics will be in Tokyo and in all probability Sambo will be included as a Demonstration Sport as the Japanese are backing the sport. For the British Sombo Federation to be ready for this event we need to start preparing now.
BSF need to start monthly weekend squad training sessions we need to send players to as many International Tournament as possible we need to use top Russian Coaches. Yes this is what we need to do but will it happen I DOUBT IT. WHY? MONEY as simple as that up to now all our events are organised by individuals who on most occasions cost them money and all our International Players have to be self funding. So when we send a team it is not all the best but most occasions it is who can afford it.
Sorry to say we get no Government support their argument is we are not an Olympic Sport well in 2020 we will be, so I have written to our new Sports Minister for help, who coincidently was a guest at the Presidents Cup last year

I expect the selection for this event will not be down to Individual Countries it will most probably be your ranking in your Continental Championships and that is why we need to prepare now. When I started the British Sombo Federation the Olympics was only a dream but if we become a Demonstration Sport that dream will come to fruition and I will be 70

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