Sunday, May 10, 2015

Scotland Leave UK

On my Facebook I am enjoying debates with LeftWingers in the UK and SNP who want independence and think they will a make a difference in the Houses of Parliament LOL.

Let me give you my take on the UK in say 10 years time, I make these assumption if the UK leaves the EU and as I have said before this is not a forgone conclusion.

In 2 years time the UK vote to leave the EU with about 60% wishing to leave, in Scotland it is 50/50 but the SNP who have every seat in the Scottish Parliament, making Scotland a one party state decide because the majority did not vote to leave they feel justified in having a Referendum. The British Government along with the people agree this is only right
Scotland votes to leave the United Kingdom so the discussion now begin.
The UK move all their Military, Navy, RAF etc out of Scotland, the only cost to British Tax payer is the move but this move will create thousands of jobs in the UK plus benefit areas where they are stationed, also with Scottish Troops, Navy etc being redeployed to Scotland we would have money to recruit again,also because the buildings and land where they are stationed will have to be sold so another great income. This will apply to all Government institutions in Scotland all Scottish Staff will be laid of, I am not sure they will be able to claim redundancy, these institution could be moved to the North creating jobs and wealth for the region plus as Scotland will not be a member of the EU Scots will not be allowed into the UK.
Most British firms would move to the UK selling there property and laying of staff because the new Scotland would have no stability in currency, they would most probably use the Euro as they would be trying to join the EU this could take several years and with the Euro and the EU economies failing, business would have no confidence in the Scottish Financial system. So all in all a win win situation for the UK
As for the Oil, SNP seems to think they will own it all there is not the case I am told some International Laws apply but they will get income from it

As for the UK I believe our break with Scotland will be a clean one and our relationship will be the same as any other non EU Country. The Government will be forced into boundary changes and some form of new electoral system, Labour Party and LibDems will amalgamated and be called the Social Democrats as the people of UK reject all form of left wing ideology. The new electoral system will allow UKIP to become the second largest party in the UK taking their voting power from ex Labour members.

On leaving the EU the UK will become the power house of the World with near full employment in 20 years and the genuine needy being looked after, the NHS will go through radical changes with a new insurance scheme in operation and becomes the envy of the World

This is just an idea without Leftwing ideology this could happen

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